Relex smile latest laser eye surgery

Relex smile latest laser eye surgery

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So, is relex smile surgery the latest today in laser eye procedures?

Answer is, yes.

Does it replace LASIK?

Answer is, one day, it may.

This surgery was born to remove the disadvantages of LASIK. When LASIK is today an accurate procedure, and has been for many years, it does have some issues in the long run, albeit for a small percentage of people. But no one wants to be that statistic!

Smile was born to address those issues.

What are they?

commonest ones being:

1. permanent dry eye

2. corneal ectasia (weak cornea)

3. reduction in corneal strength due to questionable flap integrity.

To know if smile laser procedure is suitable for you, you need to undergo a thorough evaluation similar to that for LASIK.

Do let us know if we can help.