Seven Reasons Why ReLEx SMILE Is the Future in Laser Technology

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having troule with glasses

7 Reasons Why ReLEx SmILE Is the Future in Laser Technology

  1. Flapless: retains the biomechanical strength of the cornea
  2. No risk: of Flap displacement and other flap related complications
  3. No Dry Eye: Nerves responsible for tear regulation remain more or less intact
  4. Painless and least invasive
  5. Predictability: Femtosecond Technology results are outstanding
  6. Fast, precise and convenient treatment
  7. Result is effective within 24 hours and stabilizes in 6 weeks

Today, ReLEx SmILE  is the procedure of choice for all myopes (those with minus powers). The doctors offering both LASIK and SmILE procedures prefer SmILE for > 90% of the cases.

SMILE laser procedures is the 3rd generation of lasers to correct spectacles powers (LASIK is the 2nd generation).

Shroff Eye Hospital is one of the few centers in the world to offer SMILE to you. Talk to us today  Click here..