Our Laser

Shroff Eye Hospital, Mumbai, India is a world class centre, accredited by the Joint Commission International, USA, using a highly advanced laser systems-The VisuMax (Zeiss) laser. The entire check up, procedure and follow up is done by Dr Anand Shroff, you can expect a predictable and excellent outcome.

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VisuMax Zeiss Laser


The VisuMax Zeiss Laser

  1. The VisuMax is the latest in a series of Femto second lasers offering new possibilities and procedure options.
  2. It offers Femto bladeless LASIK, ReLex SMILE , both minimally intrusive procedures on the cornea

 Especially beneficial for the following candidates:

  1. High powers achieve better quality of vision
  2. High powers have more stability with less chances of regression (powers coming back)
  3. Those prone to dry eyes
  4. Those with corneal surface issues due to contact lens overuse
  5. Those in careers like frequent travels, extreme sports, Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, where recovery should be quick and safe
  6. Removes the disadvantages of discomfort and long recovery of other surface treatments like LASIK