FAQ’s on Post ReLEx SmILE procedure care

FAQ’s on Post ReLEx SmILE procedure care

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Is it recommended to avoid T.V, cell phone for 24 hrs post procedure?

Yes, till the doctor examines you post procedure.

 How soon can I get back to my normal routine after ReLEx SmILE procedure?

You can resume your normal routine in 2-3 days.

Will my vision be clear immediately after surgery?

Your vision will start improving in a few hours and will be near normal after the first 24 hrs. However, the vision may be slightly hazy in some patients and gets back to normal over the next 2-4 weeks.

Will I need to sit in dark room after laser?

No, absolutely not necessary. Routine home light is acceptable. Some may have light sensitivity for a few hours after the procedure, during which time they must shut and rest their eyes. In fact you can start watching TV, reading, and normal routine as soon as you are feeling comfortable.

Will I still need to wear reading glasses after laser procedure?

As the person`s age increases, ability of the eye to focus on nearby objects decreases. This being age related process, is irreversible and called Presbyopia. Hence everyone above 40 years will need reading glasses even after the laser procedure. But your distance vision will remain corrected.

Why should I not wash my eyes with water after a laser procedure? Also, it sometimes stings my eyes.

It is not only after a laser procedure, but a general principle not to wash your eyes. Yes, some may think that this is contradictory to what they have grown up hearing about. Even if the water is pure and not tap water, it does not have the same salt concentration as the tears that bathe your eyes. As a result, water is irritating to the eye. This is why we recommend lubricating eye drops rather than water be used to lubricate your eyes. These artificial tears have a good salt balance and are soothing rather than irritating and potentially damaging like water.
In the healing phases after LASIK (around 3-6 months), the corneal nerves are regenerating in the flap. The new nerves that grow in are hypersensitive to irritation so it would be common to notice irritants like pure water, wind, or smoke in the eye more than usual. Once the nerves fully heal, the increased sensitivity goes away and the irritation sensitivity returns to normal for most patients.
If this is happening while swimming, you could consider using goggles.

Can I wear cosmetic contact lenses and eye makeup after laser procedure?

You can start wearing eye makeup and do beauty parlor treatments after 15 days, and after having checked with our doctor on your post treatment visit. Cosmetic contact lenses can be worn after consultation with your surgeon, but are usually allowed a month later.

So by when can one take a hair wash next?

Hair wash after 2 days.

So is it recommended to stay indoors for 3 days at the most. Post which I can resume my work and general outdoor activities. I can accordingly plan my date of resuming office.?

You need to stay indoors only on the day of the procedure. You will need to visit us on the next day for the follow up and may resume work the following day. There is no need to be indoors after 24 hours.

Is there any requirement of using spectacles for any minimum period initially to reduce the glare from using the cell phone, laptop?

Just for the first few days, it is compulsory to use some protective sunwear outdoors, which we hope becomes a good habit. Indoors on the PC you will be asked to wear anti-fatigue computer glasses which will be prescribed after the procedure. This is done not for cutting glare but more to reduce the risk of getting some powers again in future due to excessive computer usage.

Will I have glare after the procedure?

Not permanently. Most patients experience some night time glare in the first few weeks during healing. Rarely, glare and haloes may persist for a much longer period.

Number of Enhancement treatments done post SMILE surgery ?

Till date we have not re-treated any patient who has undergone SmILE. Even studies published worldwide showed a near zero re-treatment rate. However, if needed please note that the re-treatment carried out would be a surface ablation laser treatment, not requiring all steps of SmILE to be repeated.

Post ReLEx SmILE laser eye procedure, is there any minimum period post which pregnancy can be planned?

Usually 3 months.

Does the Lenticule depend upon the eye numbers or powers?

Yes, to a certain extend for those with higher numbers the Lenticule is thicker. Please also note this Lenticule or the thickness of this Lenticule that would be removed during Smile is the same amount of the cornea which would be vaporized in LASIK.

Does the Lanticule extraction process lead to a sensitive or weak eyes after surgery in future?

No, the Lenticule is removed from within the thickness of the Cornea. Infact in smile there is no “cut “or “flap” which infact in theory is supposed to be the reason why smile was born. i.e to keep it independently or to strengthened the cornea so no cut has been made like in LASIK

After surgery, can we able to get or re-gain the same amount of strength in cornea and corneal surface?

After any laser surgery please understand that when you remove the powers a certain amount of cornea is used up. Hence, the cornea before and after any laser cannot be the same. However this is the very reason why you need to go to a surgeon with good experience using advanced technology, who is able to differentiate and find out which are those cases in whom the laser surgery should not be done. (In whom there is a risk of weak cornea after laser.)

The below video of 3:47 minutes will answer about the post relex smile  procedure care and activities to be done.