ReLEx SMILE Testimonials

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What our patients say about us…


I have been wearing specs since I was 10 and when time came when I was ready to undergo a parents and I wanted to be sure I got the best..References from family members and friends led us to contact with Shroff eye hospital known as best to them…starting from staff to the doctors…everyone was very helpful with the queries we had.. Dr Anand did the needful check up and suggested for RELEX SMILE as the suitable surgery for my eyes I was suffering with high myopia and SMILE was the best long term treatment to my eyes.
I was explained the pre operational details by the staff on the day of surgery – 16th November 2016. Dr.Safala was there to counsel about the surgery process and the medicines and after effects of the surgery..Dr Safala made sure my family was comfortable and relieved them of anxiety. Dr Anand made it sure I was relaxed while the process took place and the surgery took about 20 minutes from the preoperative preparations (anesthesia  drops ) to the completion of the surgery. The actual surgery was done in about discomfort
My mother was witnessing the whole procedure from the waiting room as there was a screen that displayed my whole surgery process which was a brilliant facility by the Hospital.
A routine follow up was done after a day and Dr declared the surgery as a major success..Indeed it was.For a month after the surgery  a I did a blurry vision(a normal after effect of SMILE) but eventually clarity was experienced .it’s been 5 months since the surgery ..I have a clear vision with no troubles at all…from wearing heavy glasses with almost number as high as -10 in both the eyes…I now have healthy eyes and no hassels of lenses or specs for a very very long time.

Monideepa Ganguly
(India) 16th November 2016

Adin Ravindran

Dear Anand , Safala and Shroff eye team ,

I had my Relex Smile surgery on May 9th , 2014 at Shroff eye, Bandra clinic. Today its been more than a month since the surgery and I am writing this e-mail to commend your excellent work .

Here is my testimonial :

It was sometime in September , 2013 that i decided that i would get Lasik done to correct my Myopia. I had got few references from friends and family for the same , but was apprehensive to approach any , since i did not know how good the surgeon or hospital might be . I wanted the best for my eye after all.

I happened to do a Google search and there popped up Dr Anand’s name and Shroff eye hospital links. I read through Dr Anand’s background and was very impressed with his qualifications and experience he held especially in refractive surgeries.

I took the plunge in April , 2014 and had my lasik consultation at Shroff eye, Bandra . I had come prepared with a list of doubts , but the expert that Dr Anand is, he only answered all my queries without any need for me to ask him . Moreover he and his team extensively evaluated my eyes through various tests to determine my candidature for Lasik. The fact that people are evaluated and guided to chose the best method suitable for them exemplifies the professionalism practiced at Shroff eye clinic and is a rare trait to find in an otherwise greedy and exploitative industry.

I did not need to take a second opinion and fixed my smile surgery for May 9th , 2014 . In the days leading up to the surgery , i did extensive research on the internet and came across some unpleasant and scary reports on the negative aspects of Lasik but all such fears were quelled by Dr Safala , my Lasik counselor. She was patient enough to entertain all my genuine or silly doubts regarding the procedure and was easily approachable and accessible. Even on the day of the surgery , she was there to explain and answer all the last minute doubts that i had.

The surgery was a quick one , Dr Anand with his expert hands and the latest technology at his disposal , did an excellent job on both my eyes. What is remarkable is not about the efficiency of his work but the way he soothed my nerves and constantly engaged me during the surgery by describing each step of the procedure. The experience was not that of a doctor..but that of a caring friend.. Before i left the hospital , I remember asking him “How did the surgery go ?? ” ; he replied “it was spectacular ..! ” ; to be sure i again asked him ” so it went OK according to you ?? ” ; he replied cheekily “i dont understand how is spectacular equivalent to OK ?! ” 

Its been a month post the surgery . My vision has stabilized and i can see fine now . I feel so relieved to have got rid of spectacles which i have been using for past 17 years . Thanks to Dr Anand for the “spectacular” job . Thanks to Dr Safala for counselling me throughout the procedure and thanks to the entire Shroff eye team for their high professionalism exhibited. I expect you to maintain these high standards .

Warm Regards,

Adin Ravindran
(INDIA) 13th June 2014