Q Why have I not heard of SMILE as much as I hear about LASIK?

Today the best lasers to perform LASIK and other laser procedures are German made.  Even in the U.S in the best LASIK centres with the most sought out surgeons, German lasers predominate. The laser to perform SMILE is from Zeiss, Germany. This laser ( VisuMax) has been approved by the U.S FDA only for its bladeless flap making process ( Femto- LASIK). However it still awaits approval for SMILE procedures; although it has already received the C.E approval for Europe. Hence until it reaches the U.S. one will hear of LASIK more than SMILE as smile is currently limited to Europe and some other countries.  We are proud to say that Shroff Eye is one of the first laser centres in India to offer this procedure to you.

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